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SATA issues Caking a S3-HD
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Thread: SATA issues Caking a S3-HD

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    SATA issues Caking a S3-HD

    I am trying to use InstantCake to re-image the HD of a Series 3 HD machine I recently acquired from Ebay. Listed as a working unit, it gray-screened right after the Welcome! Powering Up message.
    The drive is a 250GB Western Digital. I'm not sure if it would be the stock drive in this unit.
    I started with a SATA CD/DVD drive that my computer BIOS said was on SATA device 4, and the HD on SATA device 2. InstantCake booted from the CD drive, and I followed directions. I indicated my CD was on a SATA drive, and I identified it as sdd. 'Cake said it could not mount the drive. I tried sda, sdb, sdc, and sdd again; none could be mounted.
    I had an IDE CD drive around, and installed it; Now 'Cake mounted it as hda. One hurdle cleared.
    I identified the HD as being on sdb. 'Cake did not find it there. Nor at sda, sdc, or sdd.
    I noticed messages that Linux was enumerating the sockets of my multiple-format flash card reader as sda, sdb, sdc, and sdd. So I selected "other" from among the 'Cake choices, and tried sde, sdf, sdg, and sdh. No luck ensued.
    At this time I have yanked the flash card reader from the system, and I must have pulled the reset switch from its connector. Today I will reconnect it and continue working this.
    Meanwhile, I could use suggestions for:
    - how to find the correct device identification for the HD from the Linux boot messages.
    - how I can slow down the Linux boot messages so I can read them.

    Chapter 2:
    I tested the 250GB drive from the Tivo by attaching it to the computer when I booted Windows 7 RC. I created a volume on the drive, and formatted it. No errors were reported.
    I traveled down to MicroCenter and bought a Kingwin EZ-Dock Model #EZD-2535, which was on sale for $15.99. This is a docking station for a SATA drive, connecting to the computer via USB or eSata. I think that was a great price. I connected this to the computer, and fired up Instantcake. I could see from the Linux text flying by, that the device was recognized as sda, and the drive type and size were proper. Oh I was so hopeful and happy!
    I told instantcake it was a SATA drive on sda, and it got farther in the process, but alas not complete. It reported this message, which seems to be an error report: "Restore: Backup target not large enough for entire backup by itself."
    I hooked up the Windows drive, booted into Windows, and deleted the volume on the Tivo drive - thinking that maybe it was looking at unallocated space. But instantcake reported the same message.
    I am trying to restore the stock drive back to a functional state. I hope that is possible with Instantcake! I'm already $37 into trying to fix a Tivo that was purchased as "working". I have to think about whether I want to buy a larger (1TB) drive speculatively. For all I know, this Tivo might have a bad system board.

    Chapter 3
    Another trip to MicroCenter, another $96 for a 1TB hard disk. I chose a Seagate. No problems, InstantCake worked fine and the drive got initialized. I hooked it up to the Series 3 and it seems to be working fine. I guess it won't be stress-tested until the drive is full.

    - InstantCake requires that the target drive be larger than the Tivo's original stock drive. Not just prefers, or "should be"....MUST BE.
    - A USB-SATA converter worked great to initialize the drive; I had lots of trouble trying to get SATA ports to work.
    - It took about $132 to get a "working" Tivo-S3, up and working and upgraded to 1 TB.
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