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TiVo and Neuros OSD Interoperability Project - Bounty #1 Discussion
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Thread: TiVo and Neuros OSD Interoperability Project - Bounty #1 Discussion

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    TiVo and Neuros OSD Interoperability Project - Bounty #1 Discussion

    Here's a place to discuss the details of BOUNTY #1 from the TiVo / Neuros interoperability project:

    BOUNTY #1 - $1000

    This part of the project relates to TiVo systems which can be remotely programmed from the TiVo web site in an area known as TiVo Central Online. If you have an active account with TiVo and any Series2 or Series3 DVR (you can identify your model here), you can schedule recordings on TiVo's web site, and your TiVo will ultimately receive the data and save your recordings. Similarly, Yahoo also offers a service to synchronize selections you make from their TV listings, to your TiVo.

    What we'd like to see, in order to be eligible for the bounty, is an application or script for the Neuros OSD that will allow it to record and appropriately name your programs when your TiVo is recording. We think the key may be accessing your recording selections from your Yahoo or TiVo Central Online account, but that may not be necessary to achieve your objective. It also may be necessary to have an application running on your PC to import and export the data, but if that is the case, we'd like to see an application that runs on both the PC AND the Mac (JAVA, perhaps?). But to put it simply: The Neuros OSD will need to record what your TiVo records and possibly be able to do so, selectively.

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