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Thread: HR10-250 no USB NIC driver found

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    HR10-250 no USB NIC driver found

    I Recently installed replacement drive in HR10-250 w 6.4a sw. I have two USB adapters, a Belkin F4U047 and a generic from weeknees that won't connect. The belkin has a AX88772 chipset and the other "works on Hr10-250" according to WK. The specific error from the logs is: "USB device 2 (vend/prod 0xb95/0x7720) is not claimed by any active driver". The lights light and even the port light on the router lights but nobody's home. I've tried all kinds of edits from Tivo Comm & DD to no avail. Is there any hope to get network up on this thing?

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    dvrupgrade unresopnsive

    Been six months and no response. Amazing. I bought the replacement drive here (second one btw) and would expect some kind of answer. I've researched all kinds of info on the drivers and that appears to be the issue. The chipset is widely used and should work. ??

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