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Thread: Series 2 TiVo InstantCake ISO CD Burn Failure

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    Series 2 TiVo InstantCake ISO CD Burn Failure

    Hey Folks, I know that I'm overlooking something simple but my frustration level has taken over and I can't figure out the problem.

    A couple of weeks ago I moved and old 10 year old TiVo Series 2 (TCD140060) machine and when I went to restart it wouldn't boot - no problem I wanted to upgrade the disk drive anyway.

    Last week I bought and downloaded the InstantCake file, unzipped it and have tried two different software products to created a standalone CD (Power2Go and Roxio) - both of the burns appear to work but when you try to boot the CD it fails (I'm just seeing if I can boot this CD before tearing out my drives) and it will fall back to booting Windows and starting a web browser.

    Just to test my software I had an old copy of the Steve Jenkins' standalone ISO disk and when I burned them using the same software I was able to boot from the CD.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Not like anyone replied but the problem turned out to be with the media - bad set of CD's'

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