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Help please verifying likely problem
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Thread: Help please verifying likely problem

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    Help please verifying likely problem

    Hello - I'm having trouble with my Philips DSR6000 - From reading the forums, it seems likely my issue is the hard drive... but wanted some possible verification before I order one please...

    I was watching TV when the unit rebooted all of a sudden... it then would make it most of the way thru reboot, then reboot again continuously...

    Thinking it might be the power supply (I have an extra) I swapped that, and with that power supply, it simply would not boot (Stuck at "powering up" message)... The thing is, I'm not positive that the second power supply works...

    In any case, it seems like the issue is the hard drive - would you agree ? For what it's worth, the drive is not the original, but an upgrade one I purchased here 5 years ago... so perhaps it's at end-of-life...

    Thanks for any advice anyone might have...

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