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Thread: Lost Some Local Channels

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    Lost Some Local Channels

    I live in Colorado and have two Directv Tivo boxes - an HD10-250 and a Phillips DSR7000 and both have DVR upgrade kits. Sometime around the end of March both quit receiving signals for local channels 4,7,9 but they continued to show up in the program guide and display the information banner along with a blank, gray screen. Other local channels including 6,12, and 31 were still available. On the morning of March 30th channels 6,12 and 31 disappeared from the program guide of the DSR7000 at about 10AM and later vanished from the HD10-250 guide in the afternoon. The current status is 4,7,9 are in the guide but no signal; 6,12,31 are not in the guide and show up as unavailable if selected and I can receive 2,3,14,20,25,27 and 50. I should also mention I have a DTV HR20/700 hooked up to the same antenna and multiswitch and it’s working normally and receives the full guide and all the local channels in both high and low definition. In spite of numerous calls to Directv support, system resets, re-authorizations, and repeated guided setups nothing seems to fix the problem. Directv said all they could do is replace the old Tivo boxes with their home grown POS or send out a technician. I opted for the technician and without even looking at the boxes, he said they have had several calls on this problem (they started last Friday on 4/1/12) and they have been told all they can do is replace the old Tivo boxes with the DTV home grown POS. Anyone having similar problems or know anything about this other than it sounds like a plot by DTV to get rid of old Tivo accounts?

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    For those of you that are having this problem and have hacked Tivos using the DVR upgrade kit with the internet connectivity option, try the following:

    1) Access the Tivo box by typing its IP address into your browser
    2) Click on “User Interface”
    3) Click on “Channel Guide”
    4) Click on “All”
    5) At this point you should see all the channels available in your area - including the ones your Tivo box won’t process like the HD channels. If you’re having the same problem I am, some local channels you receive as normal are in the guide, some local channels you should receive are not in the guide and some local channels that are in the guide result in a blank screen when you select them for viewing.
    6) Click on the callsign of one of the channels that comes in normally. This is what I get:

    Receive= Yes
    Favorite= No
    SignalType= 6 (DirecTV)
    NetworkID= 565
    Transponder= 4
    NumStreams= 2
    ServiceType= 64 (DirecTvDigitalTv)
    Spi= 1 (Gtv)
    StreamType= 2 (StandardVideo)

    7) Click on the callsign of one of the channels that shows up in the guide but comes up as a blank screen. This is what I get:

    Receive= Yes
    Favorite= No
    SignalType= 6 (DirecTV)
    NetworkID= 565
    Transponder= 12
    NumStreams= 3
    ServiceType= 64 (DirecTvDigitalTv)
    Spi= 127 (StreamLanguageDescriptorList)
    StreamType= 2 3 3 (unknown)

    8) I’m guessing if I could set NumStreams = 2, Spi = 1 and StreamType = 2 in the latter category of channels, they would come in just fine.
    9) Regarding the local channels I should receive that aren’t in the guide, the callsigns of the HD versions of the channels are in the guide file but not the SD callsigns. This is an callsign dump for a typical HD channel

    Receive= Yes
    Favorite= No
    SignalType= 6 (DirecTV)
    NetworkID= 565
    Transponder= 33
    NumStreams= 0
    ServiceType= 2 (AtscDigitalTv)
    Spi= 124 (Terrestrial)
    StreamType= (no value)

    10) This sure looks like a Directv problem to me.

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    Also Lost Local Channels...

    I lost my local channels this weekend (April 27-28). Talking with DirecTV they indicate the only fix is for them to establish a phone call call with my machine. (Baked v6.2 on HUGHES-DVR40 -- in 2006).

    The question I am trying answer now is -- what will I lose if I allow a phone connection (and also what do I have to change (and where) to allow Instant Cake to allow phone calls.

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    Some Locals missing

    I'm having a similar problem.
    Hughes SD DVR40 Software Version 6.2a-01-2-351 With Tivo Web Plus

    Had Chicago 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 32....
    Lost 2, 5, 7 but they are in the program guide.
    Also lost 32 and it's gone from the guide.
    Any suggestions?

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    Local channels, cont'd

    Wanted to say that I replaced LNB and too surge suppressor out of cable runs as well.
    No multi-switch installed but have other receivers active on account (different dishes) and they receive them although they lost them for a day. Did Directv do an update that we can't get?

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    HDVR2 DVRupgrade - lost locals

    SF Bay Area, lost 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 which are Fox, CBS, ABC, PBS and NBC after an over-the-air service upgrade a few days ago. It has never been connected by phone.

    My OS is 6.2a-01-2-151 and was put on a big drive installed by DVRupgrade.

    I don't have a PC and can't work on it by connecting that way, but the GoToMyDVR still sees it on the internet.

    Is there a way to get it fixed over the net?


    linrey - a little old lady with Macs and no PCs

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