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Thread: DVR R10 to 6.4a?

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    DVR R10 to 6.4a?

    Another happy Direct TV user with missing local channels.........

    I upgraded my R10 to a larger disk a while back, so I figure I should be able to stick 6.4a on it. Sent an email to the contact at dvrupgrade 4-5 hours ago and just got a response.

    I"m using all Windows 7 machines at this point, so I'd need software that's compatible. In my question I asked WHICH SOFTWARE DO I NEED, and instead of answering my question, I got:

    I can't comment on compatibility with your Win7 PC, but InstantCake will load 6.4a onto a TiVo drive. You should check the release notes and be sure that your PC is compatible with the software.

    SHOULDN'T the people with the software KNOW WHETHER OR NOT IT'S COMPATIBLE?

    So, I just need an answer from someone... Is there JUST a 6.4a downloadable piece of software? Or do I need the "instacake" for $40 instead? 'Cause for $10 it's worth trying, but if it's $40 I may as well let weaknees do the work for the extra $10.

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    Called Weaknees to see if they had a software-only solution (I have a LOT of spare, large-ish drives), but they didn't. What they DID tell me was just to hook the R10 to a phone line and do a phone call. Which I did. Repeatedly.

    It started downloading software, and after 5 or 6 calls it did some "processing". But, I never got the pending whatever message.

    And, I still have no local channels, and the thing still fails downloading the grid.

    AND, the software is STILL at 6.1. So apparently THAT didn't work...

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    I've been TRYING to get information from DVRUpgrade, but didn't have much luck this morning. And they've not answered my reply since...

    So, I called on the phone.

    Me: "I'm trying to figure out what I need for software to get my DVR R10 upgraded."
    Him: "We DON'T provide any support for our software. Send us an email."
    Me: "I did that at 7:30 this morning."
    Him: "Well, then you have an answer 'cause we've answered all the emails."
    Me: "No, I got a REPLY that DIDN'T answer my questions."
    Him: "Well, that's how we support this stuff."

    CLICK........... As he hung up.

    I didn't think it was possible to have poorer customer service the Direct TV, but these guys have managed.

    So, as I understand it, I can give them $40 and try their Instantcake, even though all my machines are running Windows 7 and have SATA CD/DVD units, but it's a total crap shoot, 'cause they "don't support any of our software"...

    Can ANYONE that's actually DONE THIS from a Windows 7 PC, with all SATA drives including a SATA CD/DVD, tell me they've SUCCESSFULLY used the 6.4a InstantCake software to create a new IDE drive for their DVR R10? I've got an IDE port I can use, so plugging in a drive is no problem, but I SURE don't want to give these incredibly rude, unhelpful people any money if their software is so inflexible it's likely not to work. Anybody?

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    Interesting... 20 hours and there STILL isn't anybody that's actually bought and used this software successfully with the current generation of PCs?

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