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Thread: HR10-250 "random" reboot problems - suggested workarounds

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    HR10-250 "random" reboot problems - suggested workarounds

    Based upon several posts here, as well as this thread at TiVoCommunity, there are definitely folks out there with HR10-250 systems experiencing "random" reboot issues, and it does not look to be for the typical reason of it being a defective hard drive.

    This issue is affecting people with both "stock" and "upgraded" units, so we know the issue isn't limited to just our customers. However, one theme that is emerging is that it seems to be happening on units with 6.3c or 6.3d of the software. And although I'm not 100% positive of this, folks with 6.3e do not seem to be having the problem.

    In several cases, it has been reported that folks who have updated their systems from an earlier version of the software to 6.3e, no longer have the problem.

    In addition, it appears that NOT all units are being automatically to 6.3e. IE Some folks with unmodified units, or units modified with just basic replacement drive kits, are finding that their units will not update to 6.3e.

    For folks having this problem, what I'm recommending as a workaround or possible fix, is to update your unit to 6.3e. Keep in mind that the root cause of this problem is changes that are being made by DIRECTV and they may make additional changes that could either fix the problem they created, or possibly undermine the results of this recommendation!

    The method you use to do this may vary based upon your level of technical expertise and your ultimate goal.

    Option 1: Purchase a standard replacement drive kit for your unit - replacement drive kits for the HR10-250 utilized 6.3e of the software

    This is a simple and cost-effective option for non-technical users who simply want to get their systems back up and running, and stable again.

    Option 2: Purchase a new hard drive from another source, order a recertification from our site and send your hard drive for a "recertification" OR simply order a recertification and send your unit or existing hard drive.

    In either case, we will run full diagnostics on the hard drive to ensure that there are not defects. Since it would be a user-supplied drive, we can provide no warranty support for it, but if you send us a defective drive, we will work with you on other options associated with replacing the bad drive.

    Option 3: Use DIY Software tools to build a replacement drive kit for your HR10-250

    The current version of InstantCake for the HR10-250 is based upon the 6.3e operating system.

    If you wish to build a standard replacement drive kit (same as option 1), then all you need is a blank hard drive, InstantCake, a PC with an IDE controller, and enough skill to burn ISO bootable CD's and configure your PC appropriately. We do not recommend this method if you are not comfortable taking apart your PC and configuring your drives, BIOS, etc. Its not for everyone...

    In addition, although it has no bearing on this particular issue, if you wish to build the equivalent of a PTVnet replacement drive kit, you can use the version of PTVnet designed for your HR10-250; if you want to start with a blank drive, you'd also need InstantCake. The same technical requirements exist for PTVnet, and in addition, you should ensure you purchase the correct USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter, and be comfortable configuring your network, router, etc. before going down this road.

    Hope this helps.


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    split thread

    FYI, this is not intended to be a technical support thread, especially for issues related to using DIY software products to deal with the issue.

    Specifically, I split the last few posts off into a new thread in the DIY Software area, dealing with the question of whether "The Slicer" could be used to solve the problem. The short answer to that question is "maybe" because it really depends on a number of issues; please use the aforementioned thread if that is an approach you want to consider.

    With all of that said, its not in the list of recommendations because there are too many variables associated with using it - most of them are not within our control.

    Certainly no reason for some of you to give it a whirl, I'm just not recommending it because its complex.

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