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Thread: Are you an HDHomeRun user, and if so, how are you using it?

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    Using the HDHomeRun with my custom built Vista Home Premium Media Center PC. I use it to pick up the unencrypted QAM HD channels from my cheap Compast cable TV service... It's a miracle to be able to view these channels perfectly in the MCE interface instead of usin an unreliable OTA HD antenna

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    panna2000 Guest
    I actually do most of my TV viewing via an Xbox 360 running as an Extender. The QAM HD channels come across great on my modest gigabit LAN. This provides a great viewing experience for my girlfriend and I and comes at a great price considering our low monthly cable bill.The only drawback is the messy guide data in MCE - a lot of my channels report "no data available" despite the HDHomeRun software grabbing all appropriate channel info from zap2it.
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    panna2000 Guest
    I use it for everything video. I have some great programs for converting DVDs to Mpeg files that I can watch on my TV. I have 2 HD TVs. One is 52", 1080i and the other is a 32" 720p. Both have Linksys Media Center Extenders connected to them and I love being able to watch all the content on my computer in HD on my TVs. I am getting about 14 channels in clear quam over cable. About 90% of what I usually watch is available in HD and I have everything scheduled to record

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