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Thread: instantcake cdrom not mounting on any /dev device

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I have spent HOURS on this, trying to get this silly thing to recognize my CD-ROM drive... This worked perfectly.


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    I have been trying to follow some of the instructions found in this thread, but sadly I have not been able to solve my issue.

    Some of the steps I have tried are the script that txjustin1982 posted, but to no avail. I hacked around bit with some linux commands (linux novice here) and I managed to find that, despite being a SATA drive, my cdrom drive is somehow mapped to hdb, rather than sdb. I found this strange, but despite several reboots and other analysis tools, that's the best I can determine.

    Also, using dmesg I have found that hdb (or the words cdrom for that matter) do not show up. It shows that I have a harddrive plugged in at sda (correct) but nothing else comes up under "storage".

    Any suggestions? I feel so dumb, because about a year ago I did this process for a different TV and didnt run into any troubles, but I had access to a PATA cd drive then. It's my boss's TiVo, and now, a year and so later, I am unable to do it again.

    Edit: My boss and I dug around in the warehouse until we found a computer with both PATA and SATA ports, and I managed to get it working.
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    sr0 is promising

    Tivo is great. I love it, but the hard drive died a few days ago. Won't spin up. DVRupgrade seemed a good solution, but I had the same problem as the thread creator. The liveCD boots fine but can't find the CDROM SATA drive. My native OS on the computer is CentOS, and it sees all the hardware just fine as /dev/sr0. I was looking for a way to run the DVRupgrade from the native Linux. I will try the technique with mknod. Hope it works.

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    Here we are in 2012 and I'm having this exact problem. I've tried editing the script to no avail. I have built literally over 100 computers. All of the dozen or so computers in my house right now only have SATA connectors.... because no one makes PATA connectors anymore. I could dig through my obsolete junk and build something that would make this work, but the fact is I shouldn't have to!

    The title InstaCake should mean that I can hook my stuff up and go. I shouldn't have to tell the script where my CD ROM drive is. It should know! I'm extremely disappointed in this situation and if I can't make it work soon I'll have to ask for a refund.

    It seems this problem has been going on for almost 4 years! Rather than making your users do your job for you and rewrite your code -- or have to downgrade their computers to get it to work -- you should sit down with a modern computer and make it work with SATA devices -- without having to ask so many convoluted questions about the user's configuration.

    Please make InstaCake "Insta".
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    Minor Update SATA Not seen/mounting

    Here are some minor changes I had to make to the script for it to function (Mount a SATA CD-ROM):
    1st - Did the CD-ROM boot ok? YES - Continue your SATS CD-ROM shouold work ok.

    When the program starts

    Press <Ctrl> C

    next enter command:
    mknod /dev/sr0 b 11 0

    that will make the drive/alias.
    Next Mount/test it:
    enter command:
    mount -o ro -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /cdrom
    if the mount command returned no error, the mount/alias was successful continue.

    next us VI to modify the install script

    enter command:
    vi /usr/sbin/PTVbake3

    Navigate down to the prompts for SATA CDROM section

    Press i to enter insert mode

    After "other" enter/type "sr0"
    Line should now look like this:
    prompt_in " Please select from the following:" "sda" "sdb" "sdc" "sdd" "other" "sr0"

    Then press esc

    Then : then x then <enter> This will save the script
    or esc ZZ
    You should now be out of VI with the script moded.

    To start the script again enter/type PTVbake3
    When the script runs, you should see:
    Please select from the following:" "sda" "sdb" "sdc" "sdd" "other" "sr0"
    If you do, your mod should work.

    Now y, y, SATA, sr0 ......

    Hope this helps

    ps My thanks to TXJUSTIN1982 for if it wasn't for him I could not have gotten my Great TIVO upgraded!

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    re: CD ROM not mounting with a twist...

    So I'm having the same problem except whenever I type a letter on my keyboard it double types every key. When I backspace it double backspaces. I'm going to guess when I type return it also does it twice. What the heck? Any suggestions folks?

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