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Thread: Downgrading drive, tivo won't boot (stuck at powering up)

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    Downgrading drive, tivo won't boot (stuck at powering up)

    I have a TCD240080 that I am trying to downgrade to a much more quiet 60G drive. I purchased the 40G version of InstantCake for this unit, and installed and expanded the image to the 60G drive. Everything seems to go fine, but when I boot the Tivo with the new drive, it just sits at the "Welcome, Powering Up" screen. I know you can't downgrade a drive using a bigger image, which is why I purchased the 40G image.

    Does anyone know what's going on?

    The drive is an older laptop drive from 2002, so might it be too old?

    Is there a way to see the tivo boot console or otherwise see a log of what the error is?

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    You can test the drive with Hard Disk Sentinel (free download) and the manufacturers diagnostics. First make sure the drive is healthy, then you can tackle other problems. InstantCake is not likely to be the problem. Good Luck

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    I have tested the drive with Spinrite and it finds no errors. However, I did notice that Spinrite does not detect a DMA mode and runs in PIO mode on the drive. Could that be a possible cause?

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    I recommended Hard Disk Sentinel for a reason. It will tell you if any sectors have been recovered and relocated. I recommend the windows version. You will have to purchase the software if you want to run the extended test. Yes running in PIO mode may cause problems, I don't know if the TiVo attempts to use it and what happens if it is not there. Good Luck

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